EFT Success Story: How One Client Used EFT Tapping to Overcome Stress and Anger

EFT Success Story: How One Client Used EFT Tapping to Overcome Stress and Anger

" My name is Emma, and I contacted Resolve Hypnotherapy a little while ago with a problem that had been bothering me for quite a few years. My problem is that I get really wound up & frustrated & angry with the sound of dogs barking. It all stemmed back from living next door to 2 barking dogs a few years ago, as they would bark nonstop for approx. 8hrs a day. This problem was really getting not only myself but also my husband down, as when we would go anywhere for a day out, holiday or even work there would be dogs barking there all the time and it got me really angry that i would shout & scream all the time for this to stop.

My husband came up with the idea of Hypnotherapy a few weeks ago, and i found the number for Rebecca at Resolve Hypnotherapy on the internet, so I made contact and got an appointment for the following day.

When i arrived at the house, i was made to feel very relaxed & welcome which was great, because i did feel a little nervous. The appointment lasted 1.5 hrs, but just flew by, Rebecca listened to my problem in great detail and suggested EFT to start with as it was possibly a great way of getting very positive results for my situation. I was very surprised to see results from the very first session, Rebecca told me how EFT can work by doing the actions and the talking by myself whenever i was affected by the noise of barking dogs. So of course i tried this once i got home and it absolutely worked, i did a couple of cycles and really noticed how much calmer i was after just 5 mins.

I went back for a 2nd session, again doing the EFT, but also this time we did a little hypnotherapy which was very calming & relaxing. Rebecca would come up with key words that related to me on the EFT that really made a difference to my situation, and really helped me to become calmer.

I have recently been on holiday where i knew there would be barking dogs, and the difference was really great, i obviously still heard the dogs barking, but they often just became back ground noise, or after a few minutes i would think to myself "Oh the dog is not barking anymore", and i did carry out a couple of cycles of EFT with my husband as the noise a couple of times was going on for about 30 minutes, but again, after a few minutes i felt a lot calmer, and my husband certainly noticed a great difference in me.

All in all, the experience that i have had with Rebecca has been excellent, i would thoroughly recommend for anybody to contact Resolve Hypnotherapy."

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