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If you or your child are struggling to overcome mental or emotional challenges, you don't have to go through it alone. Lets work together to help you heal and find the strength to move forward. Contact me today to take the first step towards a brighter more positive future. 

My Clients Say

Eddys Bar

Bex and I have been friends for many years now and I have never met a more caring, understanding and genuine person in my life,

I went to see Bex last year for some treatment due to having really anxiety due to taking my driving test in August, to say I was a nervous wreck would actually be an understatement, I was absolutely terrified, Bex seen me almost straight away, sat me down and started doing some EFT Technics with me, when I first started I was very emotional, within one hour it was like I was a different person I was calm, Confident and totally reassured, then along came August, (test day) and I remembered everything that Bex had taught me, I sat and took in some deep breaths and before i knew it my test was over and yes I PASSED, first time, I was absolutely made up.

I can honestly say that Bex is fantastic at what she does, she gives you all the time you need, listens to all you have to say, and is so calm and reassuring no matter what the problem is you have, I would 100% recommend this truly amazing woman, who is fantastic at all she does and is a truly dear friend

Clare Hulse

recently received the relaxation sound clip and I would definitely recommend, if like myself get into bed and start thinking of everything you have to do the next day or go over situations in your mind that's already happened then this will help you fall asleep with a clear mind.