Rebecca Sutton
Clinical Hypnotherapist - EFT Practitioner - Trainer - Life Coach

My name is Rebecca, and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Coach, with over 17 years of experience based in Northwich, Cheshire. I work across Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester and the North West, helping children, teenagers and adults overcome anxiety, trauma and other mental and emotional challenges. 

As a parent myself I understand the importance of providing the right help, support and guidance to enable children to navigate difficult experiences and emotions and learn the techniques and skills to enable them to thrive.

I am passionate about improving access to mental health support and have extensive knowledge and experience of working with neurodiversity and Autism, including Pathological Demand Avoidance. I work with organisations, schools and charities, on both a group and individual basis, providing support to children, teenagers, carers and families.

I currently work within crisis services providing emergency intervention and longer term support for adults and young people with mental health issues and complex needs.

I am committed to helping women overcome the traumatic effects of past abuse and trauma. I believe that these powerful therapeutic techniques can help women to heal and to move forward with their lives with confidence and resilience.

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